Acsys Balancing Emulsion

Lotion controls not only oil and moisture balance for healthy skin but also sebum to make skin clean.

Key Point :

  • Controls oil & moisture balance
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Volume: 180ml

  • Lotion controls excessive sebum secretion which makes skin oily for refreshed and clean skin. Natural complex ingredients with calming effects and relieve sensitive skin which easily reddens, and balances oil and moisture for soft and beautiful skin.
  • Controls oil and moisture balance for healthy skin
  • Controls sebum to make skin clean
  • Refreshing sensation without sticky residue
  • Exfoliation and skin trouble care with salicylic acid
  • Contains patented plant complex ingredient with outstanding skin calming effect
  • Oil and moisture balance, skin relief, sebum control, refreshing sensation, skin luster


  1. Vegetable complex ingredient BSASM (Licorice, Green tea, Rosemary leaf, Asiatic pennywort, Chamomile, Gold, Japanese knotweed extract)
  2. Niacinamide
  3. Net (Soothing)
  4. Panthenol (Moisture maintenance)

How to Use

After using toner and essence, apply a generous amount to cleansed skin.