Aqua Cooling Sun Spray

A transparent sun spray that protects against UV rays and immediately cools to soothe irritated skin when sprayed.

Key Point :

  • Immediate cooling and UV protection at the same time.
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Volume : 200ml

  • Transparent sun spray to protect delicate skin from UV rays and soothe exhausted skin with immediate cooling effect.
  • Powerful UVA/UVB blocking effects (SPF 50+/PA+++)
  • An eco-friendly DME gas filling method for the human body
    Eco-friendly DME filling that reacts with moisture in the atmosphere and is easily decomposed
  • Triple functional care (anti-wrinkle & brightening & UV protection)
    • A clear sun spray without white residue
      Its transparent content is sprayed without leaving white residue and staining clothes or hair, Fast and easy 1-second spray.
    • A spray that can be applied on large areas quickly and easily
    • OK on moistened skin
      An excellent lasting effect against sweat and sebum!With its excellent lasting effect against sweat, water or sebum, it’s perfect for outdoor leisure activities
    • A cooling effect
      An immediate cooling effect and an excellent skin soothing effect contained in grape water soothe skin irritated by UV rays.


  1. Grape Water
  2. Chamomile Extrac Flowert
  3. Rosa Damascena Flower Water
  4. Plum Water
  5. Hinoki Cypress Water
  6. Tea Tree Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract
  7. Lotus Flower Extract
  8. Sunflower Seed Oil
  9. Tangerine Peel Extract
  10. Rice Bran Water

How to Use

After fully shaking before use, spray evenly at distance of about 20cm on the face and body in which you need UV.