HDDN Lab Brand New Magnetic Cleanser

The magnetic deep cleanser effectively absorbs impurities – no need to rub skin.

Key Point :

  • Absorb impurities without rubbing
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Volume : 150ml

  • An effective hassle-free cleanser that finishes cleansing at once
  • It relieves dryness after cleansing by containing rich moisturizing ingredients, including sorbitol with moisture retention, moisturizer made with botanical palm oil, and panthenol with an excellent skin soothing effect.
  • Soft and smooth cleansing without foam
  • Mild liquid cleanser with a new adhesive formula that easily removes makeup and impurities without rolling


  1. Filmexel
  2. Puri Cure ™
  3. Nordenau 水

How to Use

  1. Drop it on your face. Evenly spread it with your hands once, and count to 10 in your mind.
  2. Rest a little after your tough day.
  3. The moment you cast a spell for cleaner skin, makeup magically becomes flaky. Simply rinse with water.
  4. It will thoroughly cleanse your makeup and fatigue.