HDDN Lab Brand New Silk Whipping Cleanser

Silk whipping foam, perfect for urban lifestyle provides abundant thread-like lather.

Key Point :

  • Bouncy & soft foam
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Volume : 150ml

  • Polymer forms a fiber texture and stretches like a spider web to capture keratin and impurities and thoroughly cleanse.
  • After cleansing, moisturizing ingredients contained in the formula hydrate for cleaner and clearer skin.
  • The elasticity of foam cushion minimizes skin irritation.
  • Mousse cleanser that cleanses dirt on skin with rich foam that firmly stretches like mochi.


  1. Filmexel
  2. Puri Cure ™
  3. Nordenau 水

How to Use

  1. Take a mochi-sized amount on your palm, and evenly spread bubbles on your chin-cheeks-forehead in order.
  2. When your face feels soft like a cloud, lightly rub your face with palms to stretch its silk whipping foam.
  3. Gently pat and lightly rub like a massage.
  4. Splash water to rinse foam for softer and moister skin.