HDDN Lab Open Your Ice Cream

Refrigerator cream with cool and refreshing application Prevention of moisture from evaporating moisture storage

Key Point :

  • Cooling moisture supply cream
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Volume : 80ml

  • Coat with a moisture barrier to prevent serum from evaporating
  • Store in refrigerator for rapid cooling hydration
  • Pat from bottom to top and from the center of your face outwards for better makeup absorption


  1. Main ingredients Nature originated soothing & cooling ingredients
  2. Urban-healing ™
  3. Aquaseria
  4. hyaluronic acid
  5. Aloe vera / Adenosine (except pack) / Niacinamide (except pack)

How to Use

During the first step of skincare after cleansing, take a sufficient amount and evenly apply on your face to absorb.