HDDN Lab Open Your Ice Pack

Long last cooling effect slush pack once it touches, Quenching skin and soothing skin with moist capsule. Skin temperature reduction and constant cooling effects. Completed with blue light prevention.

Key Point :

  • Supply moisture while you are asleep
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Volume : 100ml

  • Soothes heated skin with ice capsules
  • A cooling pack that lasts a long time
  • Store in the refrigerator and use as a real thin ice pack
  • Immediately calm like a soothing gel after receiving laser or peeling treatment
  • Apply at night to hydrate while you sleep


  1. Main ingredients Nature originated soothing & cooling ingredients
  2. Urban-healing ™
  3. Aquaseria
  4. hyaluronic acid
  5. Aloe vera / Adenosine (except pack) / Niacinamide (except pack)

How to Use

  1. When your skin needs to be soothed, evenly apply all over your face and gently absorb.
  2. When your skin is sensitive from stress, apply before sleeping and lightly rinse the next morning