HDDN Lab Skin Savior Concentrate

The violet-colored protection cream makes skin barrier healthy and strong by forming a soft moisture film over skin.

Key Point :

  • Moisturizing & skin barrier strengthening cream
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Volume : 50g

  • A purple shield cream that is perfectly fine in the cold wind or under the hot A multitasking wonder cream that has only the benefits of moisturizing + night + regenerating cream with a triple defense layer made of moisture/oil/butter layers. It reduces sensitivity, regenerates skin and protects its barrier to fundamentally strengthen skin
  • Even though it’s a highly concentrated purple balm cream with a rich texture, it gently melts onto skin like spreading It forms a double-layered moisture barrier with double-layering technology for deeper absorption, while improving and protecting damaged skin
  • Early anti-aging care for chic and fun urban life
  • Skin barrier and moisturizing care with healing FILACERA™
  • Blue light care and pigmentation alleviation with Aqua Ceria
  • Flushed skincare, skin barrier strengthening, urban pollution defense and anti-aging
  • Multitasking shield cream customized for urban life with highly concentrated purple cream for soothing and strengthening the skin barrier
  • Inner skin moisturizing care / Skin barrier protection / Urban pollution defense


  1. FILACERA™: Improves urban defense skin barrier
  2. Urban Healing™: Provides urban anti-aging care
  3. Aqua Ceria: Provides blue light care
  4. Azulene Powder: Provides skin inflammatory care (hidden color)
  5. Nordenau Water: Provides minerals

How to Use

  1. Gently spread and rub to feel better.
  2. Apply the cream all over your face along the skin texture and gently press. Rub your palms once more and wrap all over your face.
  3. It’s deeply absorbed at body temperature for moisturizing – regenerating – barrier protecting effects.
  4. Since it’s free of steroids, it can be safely used on atopic skin or by pregnant women.