HDDN Lab Skin Savior Youth Essence

The violet-colored vitality essence protects against fine dust, relieves reddish skin tone and provides skin tone, and provides soothing effect.

Key Point :

  • Soothes and relieves reddish skin tone
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Volume : 30ml

  • Early anti-aging care for chic and fun urban life
  • Skin barrier and moisturizing care with healing FILACERA™
  • Blue light care and pigmentation alleviation with Aqua Ceria
  • Flushed skincare, skin barrier strengthening, urban pollution defense and anti-aging
  • Vitalizing essence customized for urban life with hidden purple oil capsules for soothing and alleviating flushed skin
  • Flushed skin alleviation / Skin brightness improvement / Urban pollution defense


  1. FILACERA™: Improves urban defense skin barrier
  2. Urban Healing™: Provides urban anti-aging care
  3. Aqua Ceria: Provides blue light care
  4. Azulene Powder: Provides skin inflammatory care (hidden color)
  5. Nordenau Water: Provides minerals

How to Use

  1. A single drop, twice a day! Massage on fatigued skin for absorption.
  2. Gently pat to absorb and touch your skin to feel the defense barrier like sweeping dust off.
  3. Since it gently melts and spreads when touched, it can be used without applying a toner