Mini Moisture Petal Toner

Mini size toner that gives moisture, revitalizes skin, can be used as skin care booster so the serum and essence works optimally on the skin. Can be mixed with powder mask for soothing effect & mouisturizing the skin


Key point 

Moisturizes, regenerates irritated skin, and revitalizes skin.

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Volume :  25 ml

  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Revitalizes the skin
  • Regenerates irritated skin
  • Maintains skin moisture


  1. 5 types of Hyaluronic Acids
  2. Centella Asiatica
  3. Chamomile Extract

How to Use

  1. Pour toner onto cotton
  2. Apply toner to face and neck area.
  3. Apply toner to the entire face and neck evenly then massage it gently.
  4. Pat toner onto your face gently until absorbed.