Prep Cicaronic SOS Ampoule

The active ingredients contained inside help to quickly soothe skin within a week and helps to improve skin energy and vibrance. The addition of high-molecular hyaluronic acid helps maintain skin moisture normally lost through evaporation.


Key Point:

Intended for immediate specialized skin care for your tired and sensitive skin

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Volume: 7 Vials @ 1.5 ml

Containing the exclusive SNP ingredient, the Cicaronic Complex has been carefully crafted with sensitive skin types in mind.


  1. Water.
  2. Glycerin.
  3. Butylene Glycol.

How to Use

  1. Tab the upper part of the bottle with your fingertips and move the liquid down the container.
  2. Hold each ends of the bottle and gently fold it.
  3. After toning your skin, take an appropriate amount and gently apply onto your face.