Prep Vitaronic SOS Ampoule

Vitaronic solution is composed of green trifoliate orange fruit that fully holds vita energy and 3 layers of Hyaluronic acid which assures great absorption into skin to help reduce uneven tone and texture to awake clear brightness inside of your skin.


Key Point:

Young trifoliate orange fruit that has great effect on anti-oxidation and skin brightening agent in concentrated ampoules to provide powerful effective care.

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Volume: 1.5 ml x 7ea

One Ampoule a Day – 1 Week Recovery System
Take care of your skin with these individually packaged ampoules containing high quality ingredients. 7 vials are included in each pack to provide a full week of highly intensive skin care. Using Vitamin Complex as the main focal ingredient, this amazing plant contains powerful soothing properties that can help vitalize and even out skin tone and texture.


  1. Water
  2. Methylpropanediol
  3. Butylene Glycol

How to Use

  1. Tap the upper part of the bottle with your fingertips and move the liquid down the container.
  2. Hold each ends of the bottle to snap open ampoule.
  3. After toning your skin, pour an appropriate amount and gently apply onto your face, neck and other applicable areas.

Continue for 7 days for an instant moisture and energy boost for a more vibrant event toned skin.