Black Pearl Renew Black Ampoule Mask

Highly concentrated ampoule mask contains black pearl extract and whitening agent niacinamide to invigorate, soften and brighten fatigued skin

Key Point:

  • Revitalize tired skin.



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Volume: 25ml
  • Black Mask Sheet contains high quality charcoal made from oak. Porous charcoal attaches to skin wastes or sebum to clarify skin, and it also contains high levels of minerals to improve the absorption of ampoule.
  • Mask pack energizes dry skin fatigued from the external environment and maintains skin balance for bright and soft skin. Contains 30 mg black pearl extract and whitening agent niacinamide to supply moisture, tone, and clarify skin.
  • Energizing mask contains black pearl extract which improves skin resilience and brightens skin
  • Ampoule mask contains black food extract to suppress free radicals and improves resilience and invigorates skin
  • Black sheet contains 30% charcoal


  1. Black Pearl Extract
  2. Soybean Seed Extract
  3. Rice Extract
  4. Hyaluronic acid
  5. Sesame Seed Extract

How to Use

After facial cleansing, tone skin. Remove mask from packaging and center around the eyes and mouth to attach on face. Remove mask after 10 – 20 minutes, and pat any remaining essence into skin