Jeju Rest Cactus Mask

The nourishing mask provides nutrients of jeju cactus to skin for moist and supple skin complexion

Key Point :

  • Nourishing
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Volume : 22ml

  • An intensive nourishing mask that protects fatigued skin with the rich nutrients of Jeju cactus, while making rough skin smoother and moister
  • Contains 1,000mg 1,000mg Jeju cactus extract
  • Intensively nourishes with cactus, which delivers rich nutrients to dry and parched skin
  • Jeju Cactus Story – Jeju cactus is also called, “palm cactus”. With its excellent moisture retention that survives long droughts, it effectively moisturizes and nourishes skin.


  1. Cactus extract

How to Use

  1. After cleansing, refine your skin texture with a toner.
  2. Take out the mask, align the openings around your eyes and lips, and evenly attach it to your face.
  3. After 10-20 minutes, remove the mask and gently pat to absorb the remaining essence.