LAB+ Everlasting Brightening Ampoule

A brightening ampoule for the clean and bright skin care by granting the vitality to dull an dark skin.

Key Point :

  • Brightening and nourishing care at the same time
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Volume : 30ml

  • Fresh and lightly absorbed whitening ampoule that brings vitality to skin and makes the skin clear and bright.
  • Contains 1,000ppm of everlasting flower water that provides elasticity and vitality to skin
  • It is whitening product that makes the dark skin tone brighter and clearer.
  • The product is light and moisturizing that prevents skin moisture loss, strengthens the skin wall, and makes the skin fully hydrated.
  • Dermatology tested for low-irritation (Can be used only when the test is completed


  1. Everlasting flower water.
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Niacinamide
  4. Sun flower sprout extract
  5. Olive oil

How to Use

Take adequate amount and apply to the skin thoroughly to be well absorbed.