LAB+ Everlasting Dry Oil

A dry oil for face that fully fills rich moist and nutrients as it is softly permeated oil without oily feeling.

Key Point :

  • Soothing, nourishing, hydrating, and radiance
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Volume : 50ml

  • Non-oily and smoothly penetrating dry oil for face that replenishes nutrition and moisture to skin
  • Contains 1000ppm of everlasting flower water that provides elasticity and vitality to skin
  • It is light and rapidly absorbed so it doesn’t stay oily in the skin. Used for all skin types.
  • Blocks the moisture evaporation of the skin, nourishes the skin, and prevents the skin from being dry.
  • Dermatology tested for low-irritation (Can be used only when the test is completed 



  1. Everlasting flower water.
  2. Macademia seed oil
  3. Saf flower oil
  4. Tocopherol
  5. Green tea seed oil

How to Use

Take adequate amount (2-3 drops) and apply to the skin thoroughly to be well absorbed.