LAB+ Everlasting Dual Ampoule

A dual ampoule for the soft and firm skin care by granting the elasticity to exhausted skin as oil + serum 2 layers structured ampoule

Key Point :

  • Softening & firming skin care oil & serum in double layers.
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Volume : 30ml

  • 2 layer dual ampoule of oil and serum that brings elasticity to tired skin making the skin smooth and tight
  • Contains 1,000ppm of everlasting flower water that provides elasticity and vitality to skin
  • Dual ampoule containing nourishing serum and moisturizing oil in one.
  • Elasticity and wrinkle care and whitening
  • Blocks the moisture evaporation of the skin and creates the skin moisturizing wall bringing vitality and energy to the skin.
  • Dermatology tested for low-irritation (Can be used only when the test is completed


  1. Everlasting flower water
  2. Rose hip oil
  3. Arctium lappa root extract
  4. Hibiscus esculentrus fruit extract
  5. Evening primrose oil
  6. Olive oil

How to Use

Shake the product so that the two layers can mix well. Take adequate amount (2-3 drops) and apply to the skin thoroughly to be well absorbed.