LAB+ Everlasting Moisture Ampoule

A moisture ampoule for moist skin care by adjusting the oil and water balance and filling water deep inside of skin as a capsule embraced water ampule.

Key Point :

  • Ampoule that locks in moisture
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Volume : 30ml

  • It is water ampoule containing capsule that balances the oil and water of skin and fills up the moisture inside the skin making the skin moisturized.
  • Contains 1,000ppm of everlasting flower water that provides elasticity and vitality to skin
  • As application to skin, the oil capsule bursts and is absorbed to skin immediately. It delivers abundant moisture as it gets to skin without being evaporated or dried.
  • Makes the skin moisturized by supplying direct moisture to the dry skin
  • Dermatology tested for low-irritation (Can be used only when the test is completed



  1. Everlasting flower water
  2. Lemon balm extract
  3. Sun flower sprout extract
  4. Fermented lactobacillus

How to Use

Take adequate amount (2-3 drops) and apply to the skin thoroughly to be well absorbed.