Ruby Nutrition Eye Patch

The eye patch provides hydration and nutrition so that it could cares eye zone to resilient and vitalized skin. 1.000 mg Ruby extract and hyaluronic acid are contained, it cares dried skin to smooth and moisturized

Key Point :

  • Give nutrition to exhausted skin & hydrating
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Volume : 1.4g x 60ea

  • Eye patch supplies moisture and nourishment and firms sensitive skin around the eyes. Contains 1,000mg ruby extract and hyaluronic acid to supply moisture to dry skin, and creates a thin skin coating film to protect skin.
  • To firm skin under the eyes and improve resilience
  • Supplies moisture and nourishment to thin skin around the eyes which can become dry easily
  • Nourishment supply, reinforced moisture, increased firmness
  • Hydrogel eye patch supplies nourishment to easily drying skin around the eyes without stimulation and improves resilience
  • Maximization of effective ingredients
  • Hydrogel contains concentrated effective ingredients to protect skin from the external environment and to maximize active ingredients
  • Cooling & soothing care
  • Immediate cooling effect calms sensitive skin around the eyes
  • Nourishment supply + reinforced moisture + effective ingredient maxmimzation + resilience improvement, cooling effect, and soothing care


  1. Ruby extract (Moisture & Nourishement)
  2. Hyaluronic Acid(Supply Moisture)
  3. Western rose water (Freshing)
  4. Aloe vera leaf extract (Soothing)
  5. Citron Extract (Prevent Dry skin)

How to Use

After facial cleansing, tone skin using skin toner. Use spatula to attach eye patch on desired area and remove after 20- 30 minutes.