LAB+ Triple Water Deep Clean Facial Foam

A cleansing foam for moist finishing as its firm and rich foams eliminate various residue cleanly and minimize the loss of skin water.

Key Point :

  • Cleans skin and minimize loss of skin water
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Volume : 150g

[Cleansing deep into the pores perfectly!]

The ultrafine foam cleanses not only the dirt on the skin but even the sebum and the waste inside the pores and makes you feel fresh.

[Perfect moisturizing cleansing without any inner dryness]

Betaine, allantoin, and daffodil flower extract that has great moisture retention power minimizes the loss of skin moisture and makes the skin moisturized without dryness even after cleansing.

[Fresh skin becoming clearer every day!]

Papaya Fruit Extract and Witch Hazel Leaf Extract removes unnecessary dead cell layer and cares over-secreting sebum. It cares the pore to be fresh and clean and makes the skin a lot clearer and smoother.

[Refreshing care with soothing flower extract]

Soothing flower extract such as Camomile, Sambucus Nigra Flower, and Jasmine Flower has refreshing effect after cleansing which brings vitality and liveliness to tired skin.


  1. Triple water
  2. Betain, allantoin, narcissus extract
  3. Papaya fruit extract, witch hazel leaf extract
  4. Chamomile

How to Use

Squeeze out adequate amount for cleansing, mix with small amount of water, and make the foam. Smoothly massage the foam to the face and wash out with warm water