LAB+ Triple Water Aqua Fresh Cream

Moisturizing water cream that keeps the skin comfortable as its silky texture without stickiness prevents water evaporation and optimizes the oil and water balance.

Key Point :

  • Moisturizing skin without stickiness, for oily skin.
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Volume : 50g

[Waterful system containing 30% of triple water]

Waterful system containing 30% of Hawaii deep sea water, Italian sparkling water, and Canadian glacier water provides deep and strong moisturized elasticity filling up from the inside.


[Dual balance care that balances the skin]

It creates smooth moisture layer to the skin that blocks moisture evaporation and optimizes the oil and water balance protecting and relieving the skin.


[Double functional of whitening and wrinkle care]

It changes the dark skin tone to be bright and bring elasticity to loose skin making the skin recover original vitality.


[Fresh and non-oily!]

The formula minimized oil content to reduce oiliness and sticky feeling which enables fresh absorption to skin and fills moisture rapidly.


  1. Triple water
  2. Purslane extract
  3. White birch juice
  4. Chrysantemum extract
  5. Lotus extract
  6. B-glucan: increase skin’s elasticity and smooth the skin

How to Use

At the last step of skin care, take adequate amount and apply it to the whole face. Tap lightly for absorption.