LAB+ Triple Water Aqua Toner

A water toner that cares water embraced skin by smoothly organizing the chapped skin with its fresh water type.

Key Point :

  • Water toner for hydration
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Volume : 200ml

[Waterful system containing 30% of triple water]

Waterful system containing 30% of Hawaii deep sea water, Italian sparkling water, and Canadian glacier water provides deep and strong moisturized elasticity filling up from the inside.

[Moisture charging to dry and deserted skin]

The hyaluronate complex that immediately reacts to dry skin provides abundant moisture stopping the dryness and makes the skin smooth and moisturized.

[Maintains clear skin condition]

Softly removes unnecessary dead cell, clears the rough skin texture, and purifies the skin to be clear and clean.

[Skin balance care]

The plant ingredients balances the skin and makes the skin recover the vitality.


  1. Triple water
  2. Fraxinus bark extract
  3. Witch hazel
  4. Betaine, Cypress water, Hyaluronic Acid Complex

How to Use

After face wash, apply adequate amount to face cotton pad and smoothly wipe the face in the direction of skin texture