UV Perfect Clear Sun Stick

A transparent sun stick with soft spreadability that protects against UV rays without leaving white residue.

Key Point :

  • A clear sun stick without leaving white residue.
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Volume : 22g

  • Sun Stick with transparent texture to protect delicate skin from UV rays while being applied smoothly without white cast.
  • Powerful UVA/UVB blocking effects with more than double the effects (SPF 50+/PA++++)
  • A dense network structure that captures oil like a spider web is rolled on skin and delivers rich moisture
  • A non-oily, smooth finish with SEBUM CONTROL POWDER
  • Apply on your face and body with a generous amount!
    With a generous amount of 22g, easily and frequently apply on areas that are exposed to UV rays
  • Smooth without oiliness even in the hot sticky summer!
    Contains SEBUM CONTROL POWDER for a smooth finish without oiliness
  • A simple and hygienic STICK TYPE without using your hands
  • Harmful substance defense and purification function
    A non-sticky formula strengthens the natural defense mechanism of skin, while moringa oil purifies skin fatigued from external environments


  1. Sebum control powder
  2. Anti-Pollution Function
  3. Hygienic stick type

How to Use

In the last step of skin care, turn the dial on the bottom of the container and put the contents about 5mm gently apply from the inside to the outside of the face.